About Jamie LeBrun

I first started to play golf at the age of 13 when I joined Ely City Golf Club as a junior member. I progressed through the junior ranks becoming junior club captain and winning many competitions along the way. These included Junior Championships, other clubs Opens, the C.A.G.U County Boys title and the Cambridgeshire Foursomes Championship at Ramsey. Also setting the course record at the Wandlebury course at the Gog Ma Gog golf club in Cambridge.

As I progressed my handicap got better and better and I became a scratch golfer while still at school. With my primary interest being golf I chose the Professional shop at Ely City Golf Club as my two weeks work experience placement. It was my first taste of what the PGA training involved. After my two weeks the Head Professional Andrew George offered me the opportunity to work for him and undertake the PGA foundation degree program.

In 2006 I began my PGA training which is conducted from the PGA national headquarters at the Belfry but run in conjunction with the University of Birmingham. The PGA Foundation Degree covers all areas of the golf industry including:

  • Teaching
  • Equipment Technology/ Repairs/ Custom Fit
  • Sports Science
  • Business Management
  • Career and Personal Development
  • Rules and Tournament Organization

I am currently in my final year of PGA training, which I have already achieved numerous merits and a distinction in coaching, all going well I will be a fully qualified PGA golf Professional by the end of 2008, with the opportunity to develop my coaching even further and become a even more qualified Professional.

My main area of interest and passion is teaching and with the aid of the PGA and Worldwide renowned golf coaches I have developed a vast understanding of how the golf swing works and the factors that affect and influence a player's golf swing. More importantly I have developed an understanding of other people's golf swings and the knowledge of why pupils swing with certain characteristics and how to develop a pupil's swing and golf game as an individual.

I believe in coaching each pupil as an individual. I don't believe there is just one correct way to swing a golf club. I don't teach my pupils to swing a golf club the same way as Tiger Woods, but to swing in a way that will benefit them the most. Improving their game and consequently helping them to enjoy the game of golf more and more.